Jimmy’s @ Night
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5658 N. West Shafer Drive

Monticello, IN 47960


Our Lounge 

Looking for a place to let your hair down and enjoy great music, wonderful company, eclectic cocktails and a relaxing environment?  Our dynamic lounge offers pool tables, a jukebox, DJ's on Fridays and Saturdays plus live music on many of the weekends. Wide ranging musical tastes continue to drive the beat at Jimmy O's. Great music combined with acoustic performances make our place an instant favorite.

Let us host your next party
Our impressive dining room makes Jimmy O's the perfect venue to host your next business, social or holiday gathering. Let our experienced staff assist you in creating a delectable menu to satisfy every appetite.


The Night Life

Only at Jimmy O’s
Signature Drinks
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MOCHATINI - A decadent creamy blend of Chocolate Vodka, Bailey's, Espresso Liqueurs and a hint of vanilla .... simply delightful. $7.50
XO ESPRESSO CAFE - Enjoy the exceptional sensation of Godiva and XO Cafe Patron treated to a splash of cream and a dash of cappucino. $7.00
STRAWBERRY PASSION MARTINI - Fruity fresh fusion of Amaretto, delectable sweet strawberries, Citrus Vodka and fruit flavored liqueurs. $6.50
JIMMY'S COSMO - Relax with a brilliant melding of Citrus Vodka, cointreau, Midori and a splash of cranberry juice. $6.50
SPECIAL RECIPE PINA COLADA - A frozen delight of Bacardi Rum, coconut cream & pineapple pieces along with pineapple juice. $5.50
COUNTRY STYLE LEMONADE - A refreshing union of Country Lemonade spiked with Strawberry Vodka, Midori and swirled with fruit. $6.00
PEACHTREE SWEET TEA - Quench your thirst with this intriquing combination of Sweet Tea Vodka, Peachtree Schnapps and lemonade. $5.50
SUMMER'S RELIEF MARTINI - Escape the heat with this alluring mix of Midori, Malibu Rum, and refreshing citrus juices. $6.00
KATHY'S PATRON MARGARITA - Light & fresh Patron Silver Tequilla shines with orange accents of Grand Marnier, Cointreau. Handshaken with a trio of lemon, lime & juices. $8.00